Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Story Time

18 weeks

I've always had a thing for children's books, I love them. They're simple and easy to read and so nostalgic that sometimes, you can forget about everything and just sink into a colorful world of anthropomorphic animals and moralistic dilemmas.

Don't get me wrong, I don't just sit and read children's books, I like proper books too.

Recently, I've taken to reading them out loud though, because you've gotten in to my head. You're only 18 weeks into Mommy's tummy and you're already changing me. It's like my body is adapting in time for you, even though I will probably be in a different country when you're born.

I like reading them out loud, I start making funny voices for each creature as if I'm acting them out for you. So don't worry, if I'm there to read you goodnight, I'll be pro at it.

You'll have some of the best bedtime stories any kid has ever had.

Don't lose faith in me.

Love you long time, Daddy x


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