Friday, 28 September 2012

Hi Baby Girl

I got to see you today, I drove Mommy through to the hospital so that we could see you on a little screen. When we got there, she slapped me though, because whilst she was talking to the sonographer, I was pulling faces at her. I was just practicing for when I meet you.

I was scared for a while because it's the scan where they would tell us if there was anything wrong with you, and I wanted my little baby to be absolutely perfect (not that you wouldn't be perfect anyway, I just didn't want to be told that you might spend years in pain/have a short life span/might have to visit the hospital lots) I want you to have the most brilliant life.
This is you, my beautiful baby girl:

It was amazing to see you for the first time. I cried. Your big, strong Daddy shed a tear - that's how wonderful you are! The emotions I'm feeling right now are almost indescribable, it's just something else. I thought I was prepared to see you, but I wasn't and that made every feeling just so much stronger. You're everything I ever need to survive in this world and you're the most special thing in my life.

My friend, Kelly, said this. It was such a brilliant thing to say, I had to share it with you:
"I bet God sent her down, because Heaven couldn't handle how beautiful she is!"
I can't wait until I get to properly meet you for the first time, I'm going to get you so much stuff that you'll be the coolest kid out there!

I wonder if Slayer do baby merch...

Don't lose faith in me.

Love you long time, Daddy x


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