Thursday, 13 September 2012

Big Deal

I know I only wrote to you last night, but this is exciting for me! I will be honest, when I first found out about you, I was really scared - I still am. This is a big deal.  But being scared doesn't make me any less happy.

I sometimes wonder if my head is screwed on right, especially looking back at some of the things I wrote on Twitter. It's worrying the stuff that goes through your head when you find out some big news!

"Thanks to whichever d*** friend of mine told me that babies bounce a few months ago. I have that thought in my head. #imgoingtobeadad"

"I might stand on it. Babies are tiny. Or sit on it. What if I sit on it? #babiesaretoosmall" 

I guess this is just me apologizing in advance if I ever see you and accidentally sit on you.

Don't lose faith in me.

Love you long time, Daddy x


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